1. Pick Your Days

Choose dinner delivery up to 5 times per week, Monday through Friday

2. Pick Your Delivery Time

Convenient delivery between 4 - 5:30PM or 5:30 - 7 PM

3. Pick Number of Meals

Select the number of entrees you want hand-delivered to your door

About Us

Dine In 2Nite is the only personal catering service offering freshly prepared dinner delivered to your home or office, with unique recipes prepared locally and delivered immediately.


"My wife and I both work so we don't get to cook as many fresh meals as we would like... After trying a couple meals, we are hooked. It's fresh, delicious food, and it’s life-changing not to have to think about what's for dinner during the week."

- Steve J

"Dinner was great tonight! Thank you! I can't believe nights like this used to be left to McDonald's or Boston Market for me. And I would spend the same if not more than I pay for Dine in 2Nite's service!"

- Brian M